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Lets be honest, I still feel like a teenager. Sometimes I look at my husband and my kids and think to myself, “ I’m not old enough to have a family!’ But then I look in the mirror and see a few wrinkles around my eyes and remember I am 30 now, even though it feels like yesterday I was 18 just moving out of my parents house.

 Just two kids ( now in our thirties) raising our family the best way we know how.

Just two kids ( now in our thirties) raising our family the best way we know how.

I think that getting older and seeing the responsibilities that you thought were so far away are much closer is the hardest part about “adulting.” Some of the decisions I didn’t think I would be making for YEARS have snuck up on me.

The big one being Life Insurance. Most people my age love to avoid it because they aren’t “old enough” yet, or its too scary to think about. When Kyle started shopping around for life insurance policies for himself I was totally weirded out. It actually kind of scared me to even go there in my mind! But, we were well advised to start putting money away monthly into a cash value life insurance plan for both of us and our kids! Its a permanent policy that can build cash value. You can use in retirement or even towards college someday. That made so much sense to me!

We started putting aside a little bit each month into a policy for each of us and as we have grown we put a lil more away every year. These accounts build interest. They protect you in all the what if’s but also set you up for the future as a saving plan that will help with the major events in your life like college and retirement. This felt like such a win, win to me and it totally took the scariness out of talking about life insurance. Also, the earlier you start, the more your cash value life insurance compounds! I’m proud of my husband for taking that first step and setting us all on a really financially safe path.


I look at those little faces and realize we have to make these decisions now to protect them in the future, near and far away. If you want to start the conversation of life insurance, COUNTY Financia makes it easy. With all the various options they offer, you can think of it as a covering for the unexpected, but also a good savings plan for your family as your continue to grow like we are!

Im so grateful for companies like COUNTRY Financial to help with these decision and take all the questions and hesitation out.

Its Life Insurance Awareness Month, a great time to just do it! Follow the link here to start the process today. Your family is worth it.

COUNTRY Financial.


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