Zoodles: Noodles & Company Releases Healthier Options


 Thanks to Noodles & Company for having us to try zoodles! All opinions are my own!

I am on a mission to feed my family as healthy as I can without making my self crazy. I've never once pretended to do it perfectly and don't have kids that just WANT to try everything. But, we are always working at it, always trying new things, always messing up,  never quitting. My biggest issue with this is the realization that the unhealthy options are so much more convenient. When a restaurant starts offering healthier and delicious options for busy families I jump for joy and want to scream it from the rooftop. I am so honored that Noodles & Company invited the #crumblycrew in to try their just-released Zucchini Noodles or Zoodles dishes. They are the FIRST national fast-casual food chain to offer this across the nation and I think that's something to celebrate. 


The world is starting to get educated on how simple substitutions can make a huge difference in our lives when it comes to food. Using spiralized veggies in place of regular flour noodles not only saves tons of calories, it adds an awesome nutrition boost. The Noodles & Company Zoodles are also spiralized fresh in each restaurant which is a huge deal because you are getting a great quality meal.

When comparing Zoodles to regular noodles there is a 90% calorie difference! THATS HUGE! Then you add in the benefits of vitamin C and potassium packed into every bite its a win for families across America. You can make your favorite meals gluten free with a simple switch and if you don't like it, Noodles will get you a new bowl for free.

We got to try their signature Zoodle dishes The Zucchini Thai Green Curry with Shrimp and Zucchini Romesco. The Thai Dish was a tiny bit sweet with a hint of spicy and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. If you aren't a shrimp person you can substitute chicken or just make it vegetarian. It had pineapple and snap peas, cilantro, and lime. The zucchini noodles soaked up all those delicious flavors and I really loved it.


The Zucchini Romesco was a dish I think almost everyone in your family will enjoy. Its a red pepper pesto with feta. My kids were more eager to try this one because it looks like a regular spaghetti & Kyle LOVED this one.  The zoodles were a great consistency, not soggy at all. 


The very best part about the Zoodles big debut at Noodles &  Company is that you can substitute them with absolutely ANY DISH for just $1. So if you have some eaters that are not so adventurous I would order the basic spaghetti and make a substitution. I really think you will be pleasantly surprised. 


My girl was down to twirl and try both dishes !


Honestly raising families today is hard. Theres so much available to us but finding the time is always an issue. I have to give a huge shout-out to any company trying to take some of the guess work out of it all. I hope you take your family over to Noodles & Company for dinner soon.