Float Spas: Why It's Worth Looking Into, Especially for Over Stressed Parents


Its no secret for people close to me that I struggle to relax. I always tell my husband that I love New York because its the only place where the city is moving as fast pace as my brain. I have to actively focus and practice listening to one thing at a time. Even now as I write this post, I am listening to my favorite Focus Music that sounds oddly similar to the music option in the Float Spa. I had no idea what I was going to do this morning when my sister picked me up. I had seen Floating on my social media feed but just scrolled past it.  Thank you Chris for giving me my first floating experience. WOW.




Mattison knows Chris the owner of Presence Float Spa in Town and Country , Mo and wanted me to check it out. I walked in and was instantly greeted with a very peaceful vibe and calming waiting room. Caitlyn helped check us in and offered us water and tea. I was told was that I probably should not have drank a LARGE black coffee before arrival, Don't do as I did and Heed to this advice. You want to head to the Float Spa in as calm of state as possible, but if you are not calm, go anyways, you will leave calm. 


What I didn't realize is that a Float Spa is basically an insanely concentrated Epsom Salt ( magnesium sulfate) bath. When you get in you will immediately float to the top and can just lay on your back relaxing... hence the name.

Why epsom salt? Epsom Salt has been known for thousands of years  to ease stress and relax your body. Many people have added it to their baths by the cup full or by the pound. Times this a few hundred times over, the average float spa has 900-1200 pounds of epsom salt in it.

It relieves pain and muscle cramps and causes your nerves and muscles to function properly. Floating helps blood flow to your lymphatic system (this is the network of organs and tissue that gets rid of toxins in your body from stress or other environmental causes. The Lymphatic system transports white blood cells to your body to fight infection.) To stay healthy you want to take care of this system!  There are a ton more benefits on The Presence Float Spa Website and I highly suggest checking them out. 

Epsom Salt can treat chronic joint and muscle pains caused by inflammation, including arthritis, and I was excited to learn it can also aid in the healing of skin ailments. I have battled psoriasis for over 6 years now, and although I keep it contained from my grain free and sugar free diet, it still lingers on my scalp and elbows in tiny patches . Many people have used epsom salts to help heal their skin from this autoimmune disease along with eczema. I have tried this but have never been able to get enough in my tub to make a huge difference. When I first got into the spa I noticed some tingling and significant soothing of my skin when I got out. I would go for that alone, but theres just so much more to it.



I also learned that the sensory reduced atmosphere of the float spa calms the normally dominant left side of the brain so the right side can become more active. This helps our brain become more in balance and helps open our minds up in new ways. WOW. All my creative problem solving friends will love that.

If you are a parent of young children like I am, or just have trouble sleeping, one hour float sleep can aid your body like 4 hours of deep sleep. All the new mammas, RUN TO YOUR NEAREST FLOAT SPA! This lil getaway  will bring healing to you in a crazy season.

 Chris told me that the more I come, the easier it will be to slip into the ultimate relaxed state of float where "Theta Waves' are increased. I wont get into theta waves but they come in deep sleep and help heal your body. God is so smart. At the end of this post I made my own little check list of pre float steps to reach that point more quickly than I did. 

If you are Pregnant, can you float? Most Spas say YES, its actually crazy good for Mammas to be, just avoid it in the first trimester and confirm with your doctor if you are nervous. 


I have to tell you this because its only fair,  but in my New York state of mind, the first 20 minutes of floating I was freaking out. I was flipping around, I tried to grab my phone to check it, before I remembered it was on airplane mode. I even got out of the Pod and walked in a circle before getting back in. I know, the level of intensity my husband has to deal with is ridiculous.

Then finally, I said to myself, no you WILL RELAX. I turned off the music in the pod and also the beautiful colored lighting, I closed my eyes and tried to listen to my breath. Before long I could hear my pulse, almost immediately I believe I drifted off. If I can do this, you can do this, just go into your session very intentional. If it helps you, leave your phone in the car, text your loved ones ahead of time and tell them you wont be able to answer for 1.5 hours and to call the float spa in case of emergency. Im kind of embarrassed to say I did this to my husband who already knew where I was.

If you are a claustrophobic person these little pods may not be for you! keep in mind however, you are not locked in there, you can always just get out . Also, You can keep the door open, you wont go into theta sleep but you will still get some significant health benefits from lying in a concentrated Epsom Salt Basin. I was most excited about the salt on my skin!!! 

When I go back to my next float, heres what I will do before I get there

1 Turn my phone on silent at least 1 hour prior and try to not check social apps or emails

2 Skip the coffee and maybe just eat a tiny snack

3 Stop drinking water an hour before

4 listen to calming music in my car on the way there

5 if possible, I would take a yoga class before floating

Oh and don't forget your ear plugs. 

I also was happy I had an extra cup of water in the room with me and even more glad I packed my makeup. After floating I looked a wreck. They have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for you to remove all the salt in the shower before you leave.  Below is the makeup room they have available for you to get ready for the rest of your day, Thats Caitlyn in the doorway. She was insanely helpful.   


If you live in St. Louis, I highly Suggest Presence Float Center https://presencefloatcenter.com/floating-basics/. It was clean and calming. The owner Chris is passionate to help people de stress and live healthier lives, its very evident.  He has books, blocks and a huge comfy couch he invites you to sit down on after you float to just chill. I loved it. I see the benefits for tons of reasons, I'd recommend it to any one and Ill be back!  No this is not a sponsored post, I am just having lots of fun sharing new adventures to a healthier life. 


XOXO Katelyn


Info on Presence Float Spa 

233 Lamp & Lantern Village
Town & Country, MO 63017





Have you Floated before? Let me know what you thought below?