Babo Botanicals: Products Gentle Enough for Your Babies Skin and Affective Enough for Yours


When you are trying to make a HEALTHY change in your life and the lives of your family, most people usually start with what they put in their bodies. The deeper I go into this journey of clean eating, Im realizing the importance of using clean products. Our skin is the largest organ we have and it absorbs a large percentage of the products we put on it and even chemicals from our environment. I am so grateful Babo Botanicals sent me a couple of their products to try as I've been in the market for awhile. I look at my babies perfectly soft skin and I just want to protect it. 

I got the package from Babo late one afternoon and immediately threw my kids into the tub! I could not wait to try them, Especially because their Body Wash is also a Bubble Bath and my kids Obsess over bubble baths. If you are a bath timer then you know that not all Bubble Baths are created equal. Some of them can cause lots of irritation and even  infections.  I soaped the crew up with the wash, hosed them down, then flipped the drain to fill up with bubbles. It barely took any of the soap to get mass quantities of sweet citrus smelling suds. The proof is in the pics. There were no tears, and no burning eyes. 



After bath time I dug into the WHY? behind Babo Botanicals, I feel like you can tell a lot about a company when you read their WHY they started, and the passion behind it. I was pleased to read about Kate Solomon, a mother, with a passion not only for her children but also for Beekeeping, Botany, and the Power Of Plants. She  wanted to create products that could nurture childrens skin and also treat skin allergies with clean ingredients like some adult products too. I was pleased to read about the standards they hold their testing to and the things they never include in their products. You can read all of those details here on their site. 



They sent me the products for my children, but I actuallty have been using them myself and told my husband to use them as he has some of the most sensitive skin I've ever seen. As someone who has struggled with Psoriasis for years I was elated to get to try the Dry Skin Cream for Eczema and Itchy Skin. I had a few patches on my arms that had been bothering me for weeks and so I tried the lotion a few days. Im so pleased to report the itching went away almost immediately . The lotion was calming and crazy hydrating, I felt like it soaked into my skin really well, I even used it on my face. The best part is, it was not the Tar like Cream thats been recommended to me for years.  Digging deeper I found out they never  use mineral oil. This was huge for me. I feel like almost every lotion I pick up these days, all advertising to relieve itching skin is hiding mineral oil in it! Mineral oil drys you out and will really work against you if you struggle with any type of skin issues. 


If you have had an infant with Cradle Cap or any type of irritated skin whatsoever in your family, this is the product you have been searching for! Its like a breath of fresh air for achy skin and itchy patches. 


The last product I got to try was their Lip Balm. I really feel like I hit the motherload on this one! My husband hates lipstick and honestly so do I. It dries out my lips and never ends up looking supple and pretty. Lip Gloss lasts for a moment but also leave a less than dewy residue. Babo's tinted Balm has SPF and all the same clean standards as their products, It leaves your lips shining  dewy, and hydrated with the perfect tint of color. Wearing my favorite WILD ROSE below!



I like their stuff enough to share all the details. Im busy compiling all of my favorite things on The Healthy Haul. If I try a product and don't love it, I wont share it.  You can read all their celebrity reviews, and more details on the integrity of their product on the site. I loved this tab below that lets you search through your specific ingredient concerns . There is currently a sitewide sale happening right now to save 25% using code HELLO25. You can Shop Here




If you have not downloaded the EWG app on your phone that tells you the toxic level of your products than I definitely suggest it! All of these Products Score a 1 which is Crazy Clean. Let me know if you try these product! This Post contains Affiliate Links and Helps me continue to research and share Healthy info.

 Im so grateful to be learning together about how we can have Happier and Healthier Lives with our Families. 


XO Kate