No Heat Overnight Waves

This post has been sponsored by Beauty Brands. All opinions are my own. #MyBBLook #BeautyBrands

Most of you who know me, know that I NEVER do anything with my hair. I brush it, when I have to. I wash it a few times a week and usually just leave it. This care free habit was really working out for me in my teen years and 20's, but since having two babies and turning 30, things have been a bit drab. I feel like my hair has lost its luster and its body, and its natural wave is not what it used to be. I was so excited when Beauty Brands reached out to work with me on reviving my hair! I wanted to keep the natural hippie vibe, but not look unkept.  I needed a solution that did not force me to blow dry and curl my hair everyday ! Hello mom life, time is limited.

I went to meet Shannan, my stylist, and we became bff instantly! We talked through my thinner, less vibrant hair and came up with a SUPER SIMPLE process and NEW PRODUCTS to give my hair life without really switching up my routine. 

I always hate brushing my hair because I feel like it ruins any natural wave I have. Can anyone relate? I know my wild girls can! But, I have to brush it to keep my hair healthy and shiny and avoid dreadlocks

( check out my ig story highlights @_katelynyoung_ ).  Below is my new process for better beach waves and body. 


1) Brush your hair right before a nighttime shower! This is my JUST BRUSHED hair. Its a little wavy, but mostly frizzy and boring. Instead of brushing my hair when I get up in the morning, I am now brushing my hair right before I get in the shower, just before bed. That way I can get in without any tangles before shampooing and conditioning and not ruin any air dried waves. I like showering at night so this totally worked out.  


After shampooing and conditioning I use a tiny bit of this KENRA curling glaze from Beauty Brands and scrunch up my hair. I have never liked mousse! I always feel like its too thick and 80's perm looking, but this glaze is really lightweight and does not make my hair sticky at all! 


I wake up and don't have to brush and my hair and have some really great natural wave just like I went to the beach.  But what about helping with body and fly aways! 


To add extra body I use just a bit of this amazing LIVING PROOF Dry Volume Blast texture spray. This is pretty much my favorite stuff ever! Do not use a ton of it, You only need a tiny bit! This stuff will also act like a dry shampoo if you need it. 


To finish off my waves, Shannan showed me this AQUAGE Shine Spray. I just mist the ends of my hair for a more polished look! I think I spent like $65 total and have a great new simple routine for refreshed hair and full body waves. I am loving my new Beauty Brands look and all Shannan's help! You can book a Beauty Brands appointment and receive 20% off your first visit HERE . I linked all of the products also. 





This is my ultra polished look after Shannan trimmed and curled my hair! She gave me some pro tips and also only curled the top layer to show me how to save time when I do have to use tools! Check out my instagram beauty highlights @thebejuledlife for all of those details. Did you know Beauty Brands is a full service salon and spa? I am so grateful to have the hair experts help update my look. 


Love all of you, let me know your favorite hair products below! 

Lets keep life simple. XOXO Kate





Katelyn Meyer