Glow Like JLO DIY Face Mist

Ok so my Jlo LOVE is real. I am just continually amazed by how gorgeous she looks and never ages. Every single time I get my makeup done I just advise the artist to give me that Jlo glow. And when I go buy my own makeup I only want light and airy dewy products with killer highlight. This is totally hilarious because I am freckled and fair, my eyebrows and eyelashes are naturally blonde, and my natural skin type is um DRY. A girl can dream right?  

I made this face spray in the winter time when I was fighting dry spots for my life and I keep remaking little bottles to keep in my purse ALWAYS. I know vegetable glycerin is not an oil consistency but I do like its thickness and shine. Ive seen makeup artists use it as a primer. You really have to shake it well before spraying and if I could remake the video I would probably add a little more rose hip oil than glycerin. You can shop all the ingredients at whole foods or at the best price HERE


You can wear this under your makeup or over your makeup. While you get you glow on, you will also be reaping the amazing anti aging benefits of lavender, fennel, and rose hip. Cheers to turning 30 and staying dewy for ever. Thanks for the inspo Jlo, I love you long time. 


Heres what you need :

(I did not do exact measurements the first three ingredients because you may want it a little more watered down or oily, just go by the ratios and test it to see! I wanted mine extra thick in the winter but have use a little less glycerin in the summer)

Rose water 80%

Vegetable glycerin 10%

Rose hip oil 10%

frankincense essential oil 4 drops

Lavender essential oil 4 drops

1 ounce spray bottle


Katelyn Meyer