Why 100% Grass-Fed is Worth The Price : Maple Hill

I received product from Maple Hill to create this recipe. I have been buying Maple Hill dairy products for years and this was only a bonus to my already stocked grass-fed fridge! I love this stuff guys! Visit www.maplehill.com

The food industry has been through so many shifts over the years. For awhile families across the nation were completely unaware of the health consequences of eating foods pumped with hormones and fillers we can't even pronounce. Then documentaries like Food Inc started emerging and the masses started realizing how important it is to eat clean food , how it effects your health, and why its worth investing in. 



When we were teenagers my mom's best friend really got her into healthy eating, so I was always somewhat conscious of consuming JUNK. But, as the years went on I started learning things that would take my thinking to another level. Its not just about choosing "healthy food", its also about looking into how those healthy foods are made and where they originate.  



Grass-fed is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot these days and I have had a lot of people asking me if its worth investing in and what exactly it means. Grass-fed means that the cows who produce the meat and dairy you consume are raised in a pasture and consume grass instead of grain. Why is this important? Cows were never made to consume grain. In fact their digestive systems struggle immensely when they are fed corn/ grain diets putting stress on the cow. Their bodies then release unhealthy hormones. This is bad for them, and bad for our digestive systems. 


I've been buying Maple Hill dairy products for years and I'm so happy to be collaborating with them.  Their products are 100% grass-fed and organic, this is huge. There is no grain mixture in their feed, their cows live on grass and hay alone and they go to great lengths to preserve this quality. 

Here are some facts I learned about 100% Grass Fed Cows from Maple Hill. 

100% grass-fed cows live 2-3 times longer than cows fed corn and grain. 

Besides living longer these cows have a lot more healthy fats in their bodies and don't release toxic stress hormones, making their milk healthier to consume. 

100% grass-fed organic cows have higher levels of beta-carotene, omega 3's, and the healthy omega 6 CLA. 

Grass-fed dairy farms have less of a carbon footprint than conventional dairy farms. Instead of bringing in hybrid corn and grains the cows are living off the grass that farmers grew on their own land. They then fertilize this soil making it rich in nutrients every year. 

So, not only is the dairy much healthier for you to consume, it is healthier for the cows, and our land. WOW! 

What I really love about The Maple Hill 100% grass-fed Organic Cheese is that it is also made with raw milk. Raw milk is is easier to digest for some people since it contains little lactose, which many people cannot tolerate. If you have been wondering if you can consume dairy and still lead a healthy lifestyle then I believe the answer is YES. Just choose 100% grass-fed dairy products to keep your digestive tract healthy and keep everything ( as always) in moderation. 

I'm so happy to be celebrating National Grilled Cheese day with my family, DUH ! Especially with dairy I can feel confident giving them. If you have those little yellow squares in your fridge my advice would be to toss them and try a taste of real nutrient dense dairy.