The Best Way to Dye Easter Eggs : Dye the Egg Whites


Dyeing Easter Eggs with my siblings growing up is one of the happiest memories for me! I don't even know why exactly but just the whole idea was so special and opening the fridge to see a huge bowl of glorious colors was so fun! I alwas loved when the Dye would make its way through the shell and sort of Tye Dye the Egg White, I never even though of just dyeing the actual White until I saw Jen Cowan's fabulous Post.  I asked her to come on the show to make these fun DIY eggs with us. 


Its hilarious to me that the stores sell so many boxes of DYE kits when you can make absolutely any color you want with Just some natural food coloring and vinegar! We used the Watkins Natural Food Dye  because its completely non toxic. Make sure you rinse the egg whites after if there is any lingering vinegar taste. 


I absolutely am making Jen's recipe for Deviled eggs with these fabulous colors for every holiday and I cant wait to bring these to easter brunch next week. I hope you have fun making these DIY easter eggs with your crew while we remember the most wonderful thing of all about This Special Weekend: JESUS PAID IT ALL. Time to celebrate with Rainbow Eggs and Smiles. 

I love you all . Thanks for being apart of the #Crumblycrew and please tell us if you make these! We want to see what you come up with. 



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