Healthy kid food : Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I partnered with Brittni Martinelli of Nourishing Nelli for this video ! You can check out her ebook Desserts in Disguise Here .



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Packing your kids with nutrients is NO EASY TASK. I love the idea of Green Smoothie Bowls turned into a sweet treat to really get some nutrient dense foods into your little ones. Jules WILL NOT eat zuchinni  on her own so this was pretty exciting for me. Another awesome thing about this recipe is that it contains all the elements of a healthy dinner. If you kids like the bowl, theres no reason this could not be a super healthy dinner substitute on busy nights! 

You can blend a smoothie bowl ANY WHICH WAY, but what I love about Brittni is she really works hard to get the maximum health benefits into her bowls. Its shocking how many vegetables you can get into these bowls if you use the right protein powders and stevia for flavor. I love what the Aloha Plant Based Protein Powder does for this bowl masquing the vegetable taste and how the avocado adds creaminess.  I've linked all the ingredients below but you can also find them at your local health food store. If you don't want to use CBD you can easily add mint flavor with a peppermint extract. 

Aloha Plant Protein Powder 1 scoop

Cacao Butter

Frozen Zucchini


Charlottes Web Mint Chocolate

or Peppermint Extract  (This is the one I use) 

Stevia ( I only buy Sweet Leaf)

If you want to find more super healthy smoothie bowl recipes from Brittni head on over to her website. or check her out on instagram at @nourishingnelli

I definitely suggest adding a frozen banana if You feel like your kids may need a little more sweetness but get creative with these bowls, if you present them like an ice cream treat you may be shocked what they are willing to try! We topped ours with super food Cacao Nibs and also Love Grown Chocolate O's my kids are Obsessed .