Homemade Cheese Its Recipe: Gluten Free

You guys this Homemade Cheez Its Recipe features the Motherload of Gluten Free FLours, Ottos Cassava . Its Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Grain Free and it can make all your Allergen free dreams come true. You can Usually use Cassava Flour as a cup for cup replacement to wheat flour. I have used it in place of Almond Flour in my All Purpose Paleo Flour Blend  if I know someone has a nut allergy. This Cheese its Recipe is from one of my favorites Joy Bauer and her newest cookbook From Junk Food To Joy Food.  . I literally just subbed in Ottos for Wheat. 

HomeMade Cheese Its Recipe: Gluten Free


We all know that every kid is obsessed with Cheez Its. My kids would eat a whole box each if I let them. I don't deprive my kids of snacks but  those suckers pack a pretty intense punch of preservatives and inflammatory ingredients. I was thumbing through Joy Bauer's cookbook and saw the recipe for homemade cheez its ! I have seen some Diy Cheese Crackers recipes before but Joy's only had 3 ingredients. In the life of Parenting, 3 ingredients is GOLD.  I was so pumped to try Ottos Cassave for these Homemade Cheese Crackers and I was just praying they would turn out right. They DID! I would suggest cooking yours on the longer end so they are extra crispy and sprinkle some sea salt on those suckers so they will be like Real Cheez Its . I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.