Kitchen Club Kids: Cilantro Lime Chicken Skewers

Guys, My kids are actually beginning to take over my kitchen they love being in there so much! They both drag in their stools the second I start the oven. I had to get them each their own spatulas and spoons .

Lately, I've had a lot of people ask me about making a plan for dinner every week. What recipes? How exactly can my kids help me? Where do I start. GIVE ME A SHOPPING LIST!!!!

Finally I have an answer for you that's complete.... ORDER THIS KITCHEN CLUB KIDS ACTIVITY kit. I've been following this company for awhile and I am so impressed with what they have put together for families to cook healthy meals and treats together. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out they are from my city! 

Kitchen Club Kids has taken the guess work out of whats for dinner, and what jobs I can give my kids while they are in the kitchen with me. They have also pin pointed every learning and growing opportunity available with each recipe using interactive games and lessons you can explore as a family

I started cooking with my Juliette about 2 years ago, I was so amazed at how much she absorbed, all the things I could teach her while just doing something I found really fun, and how much more willing she was to try Healthy and Different Foods if she was involved in the process. 

Kitchen Club Kids has encompassed this whole thought process about raising our kids to be healthy adults with fond memories and adventurous palettes into a small packet that you will use in your kitchen over and over. Every recipe is great. You can check out our video of their Cilantro Lime Skewers Below. I kind of freaked out when my 4 year old  just dominated the word CILANTRO. 


                              FULL RECIPE BELOW


The kit also comes with a Little Taste Makers Badge that Jules l wont take off. She calls it her chef badge.


This is going to be my new birthday party go to gift along with their vegetable garden book that entices kids into trying a gorgeous array of veggies. I hope you check them out and support their business because they are helping to build a HEALTHY future for our kids by getting them in the kitchen with us and putting clean meals on the table. The Little Taste Makers we help shape today are going to be light years ahead with their knowledge of food and bonding experiences cooking with their families. I could not believe in this more! Below is Chef Martin ( The recipe creator ) with a few of his little taste makers. 


This is definitely a tiny and worthy investment on a starter pack to cook with your kids. ENJOY and let me know what you think. 


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XOXO Kate and The Crumbly Crew