Best Supplements for Kids

I filmed this video Best Supplements for Kids after lots of research. I share lots of products and Healthy tips at
but Ive really narrowed down my top two recommendations for supplements in this video.  

I've Studied & learned so much about keeping our kids Healthy in todays world full of Free Radicals and Processed Foods,  I am a fellpw mom, a friend, and avid researcher of healthy things. I ask millions of questions and have been blessed with certified holistic doctors and nutritionists I trust to help guide me along the way.  

Huge Shoutout to Amy Hubbard from for weighing in. 

Raising Healthy Kids Today is no easy task. Our kids are bombarded with processed foods and often toxic environments. As parents we do the best we can to provide them with tools to keep healthy bodies but no one is perfect. I love using Probiotics and DHA as an extra boost for my kids growing bodies, especially when we have a not so healthy week of eating. 

I explain why these are the "Best Supplements for KIds" in the video above. Below are links to the two products I discuss in the video. If you find a different product make sure its a wild source, a living organism, and free of soy and gluten. 



Along with these supplements I suggest keeping sugar to a minimum and incorporating raw vegetables into Juices for Smoothies for Kids. Overcooking your veggies can eliminate some of the nutrients so packing in some raw plants is ideal. Head over to for more ideas ! oh and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP & MORE SLEEP FOR GROWING KIDS! 

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