Grain Free Dinner Ideas: Meatball Sandwiches

I have been Grain Free for about a year and a half because Im battling an autoimmune annoyance and the less gluten I consume seems to help immensely . But, lets be honest, I have been depriving myself of carbs since I was like 18. Since going "almost" Paleo, I am so thrilled to say I don't feel deprived AT ALL anymore and I also am not gaining weight. I don't think I have ever allowed myself was a Meatball Sandwich although they always caught my eye when I ran in to pick my family up subway. Stumbling upon the ingredients for these Grain Free MeatBall sandwiches was a score for my whole family. Let me tell you something, They are BETTER than the real thing. 

Grain Free Meatball Sub

A key component to your Sandwiches is not choosing any old meatballs from the frozen section of the grocery store. Make sure that they have clean ingredients. A lot of the options available contain bread crumbs, additives, and corn starch which is a big no no if you are trying to eliminate grains and most toxins from your diet. The ones I used are local to my area from NOURISH by Holly Berry, I am a huge fan of Nourish because they make everything fresh with no additives and then Flash Freeze them and deliver them weekly to your door as a healthy meal subscription service. If you are not in St. Louis and want to find an option like this in your city, type your city below and I will help you locate a good one. If you want to shop your frozen section at your local grocery store just check the ingredients. You want to avoid tons of ingredients, Corn, Soy, and stuff you can't pronounce. 

Grain Free MeatBall Subs


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