Healthy Dessert Recipes -Dark Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites with Cacao

Hey Guys! I always am on the Hunt for Healthy Dessert Recipes so my kids get TREATS without he processed sugar. These Banana Bites taste like Ice Cream and have Superfood Cacao Nibs in EVERY BITE! You can Order the Cacao I used HERE .

Cooking with your kids is more than just making healthy choices, its about bonding with them, and teaching them. No one has time to cook everyday all day, we just try to carve out a little time every week to try something new and laugh together. Cook with us! Even if its Saturday morning, take pics and tag us at #crumblycrew . We can all be apart of the Food Revolution together. Whats your favorite healthy dessert recipe? I love learning new things.  Dark Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites are just the Beginning. Cheers to Superfood ! XOXO Kate

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What you Need

3-4 Sliced Bananas Frozen

Lillys Chocolate Chips Vegan and Stevia Sweetened

Pure Vanilla Extract 

Cacao Nibs

Sea Salt

Organic Coconut Oil

Baking Sheet with Parchment Paper

Small Pot

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Cooking with my kids making healthy recipes is so much more rewarding then I could of ever imagined. We aren't perfectly healthy all the time, and we don't just stay at home and cook all day, when you are a mom of little kids, perfection really shouldn't be the focus.Raising Tiny Humans AINT EASY . We just try to carve out time every week to cook together and try new recipes for kids that are proving to be lasting adjustments in our house. I am amazed at how much getting your kids in the kitchen can teach them . Juliette is doing simple math just by pouring flour and cracking eggs. Thanks so much for watching, we want to get all our kids cooking so take pics and use the tag #crumblycrew and tag us @thebejuledlife on social media. XOXOX

Katelyn Meyer