DIY Suja Juice Gummie Bears

My whole life I have had a Gummy Bear ADDICTION. I used to eat Haribo Gummy Bears by the bag full assuming they were healthier than chocolate because they read ZERO Fat. Think Again! These baby candies pack a mean punch of Processed sugar, dyes, and Corn Syrup and rank up there pretty high on the list of foods that are NOT good for your body. Lucky for us we can make our own just as easy using my ultimate favorite juice Suja, its completely organic and all natural  (no added sugars or concentrates) and Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin , an excellent source of collage protein that aids in digestion, bone health, and overall nutrition. You can add your favorite sweetener , I prefer local honey, and any vitamin supplements you wish. My kids adore these, So much so that I had to purchase Gummy Molds from ebay to support the habit and make enough at a time to last us. I love watching my kids ingest so many vitamins and nutrients while thinking they are eating candy. What could be better! I hope you love this recipe and have a blast with your kids making it like we do at our house. Full recipe Below or just watch our video and cook along with us! Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to get updates on weekly recipes. 

Organ Suja DIY Gummies
Katelyn Meyer