Home Made Bomb Pop Popsicles : Kids in the Kitchen




Hey Guys! Here is a special Fourth Of July Celebration Video! Juliette and I made Home Made Bomb Pops using completely pure ingredients and guess what.... They taste AMAZING. everyone in my family won't stop eating them. Im on my fourth batch and my husband eats them for breakfast. They are packed with good nutrients and protein. I got my berries at Aldi for this video because I wanted to tell you all that you can get them for only 2.29 total! I also used Grade A pure syrup from Aldi. If you want to make an organic version, well that is EVEN BETTER!


The popsicle mold we used is by Tovolo and you can get it on Amazon today. 3 cheers for Amazon Prime! I hope you all enjoy this project with your babies or with your loved ones as much as we enjoyed them. You can even hear our dogs and my tons trains going in the background of the video because Hey, REAL LIFE.  Please Make sure and subscribe to our channel and leave your comments on what you think of the recipes or what you would like to see us make. To cook with us post your adventures using the tag #CRUMBLYCREW. We love to cook with you!

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