Coconut Milk Vegan Ice Cream in 5 Minutes ! No Ice Cream Maker Required

Hey Guys, Kate here. I am writing this post with Juliette crawling all over my lap yelling at me to stop typing . She refused a nap today of course and Charlie is taking his longest ever. CAN'T CATCH A BREAK. Anyways, Im so excited about this recipe and its potential beyond just this basic combo. I love looking at Ice Cream Recipes on Pinterest! Omg there are so many new and exciting flavors to create and you don't always have to use heavy cream and you DO NOT need an ice cream maker.  We are not Dairy Free over here but sometimes it good to mix it up and coconut milk has so many great health benefits without the gassy bloat that dairy sometimes causes. On this weeks episode of the #CrumblyCrew by The Beguiled Life we made basic vegan ice cream with sugar and full fat coconut milk in 5 ( maybe 10 :)) minutes . Check out the video above. We will be filming lots more ice cream combos in the future! If you have any flavor suggestion leave them below. Whenever you decide to cook with the Crumbly Crew tag your photos with #crumblycrew so we can see you and future you. I started this blog/ youtube show because I found that cooking with my girl was really bonding and also really educational. We are having such a blast and hope it inspires. Although at times a lil overwhelming, think how much fun our kids will have remembering cooking with us over the years!

NOTE : Serve immediately. This is not ice cream that is easy to freeze and re eat! 

For the Love of Unicorns and Cookies

xoxo Kate Young