Grain Free Crepes

I went grain free about 8 months ago because of an autoimmune issue I've been dealing with on my skin, I started reading up on the health benefits for your gut and overall health. I instantly became obsessed with making my favorite snacks in a version I could enjoy and my family, well my family was just kind of along for the ride. We realized really quickly that these changes helped our energy a lot and tasted just as great. My go to quickly became Danielle Walker of Against All Grain. She has kids, she's so down to earth, and she uses simple ingredients that you can reuse in tons of other recipes. Danielle reminds me of the Barefoot contessa of Grain Free cooking and I highly suggest her cookbooks! Her third book just came available to preorder, Celebrations. We are not perfect at all, and my kids still have bagels sometimes and regular snacks because perfection at this stage in my life is just not possible. But when we can, we try to make our own without grains and without refined sugar, and we have so much fun doing it. You can follow along on our youtube channel  ! Danielle's Crepes find their way into my recipes on the regular. We have made quesadillas, tacos, lasagna, etc. with these and I have a feeling there are a lot more versions to come! Don't be afraid of the whole "crepe" word. After the first few you will be crepe flipping like a pro. Even my husband LOVES these. Thanks for keeping up with the #CrumblyCrew and when you cook with us please tag your photos!! I love to see you in the kitchen with your kids, or without your kids, or with your friends, just having fun!! Oh  Don't forget to follow my pinterest board where we pin our recipes but also lots of other ones that inspire us. 


XOXO Kate & The Crumbly Crew

Katelyn Meyer