Love From Kate

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I'm Kate,  just a real mom exploring healthy treats and tiny adventures with my Crumbly Crew. Ive become passionate about finding easy ways to turn our kids favorite snacks healthier by eliminating processed sugars and flours. We also work on kid friendly dinners that highlight vegetables that may otherwise not get eaten.  I've  found that getting my kids in the kitchen, although a tad messier , has opened so many doors for learning and connecting. Remembering the recipes and traditions my mom has passed down to me from her mom inspires me. I want my kids to remember getting their hands sticky  cooking with their mom while  learning healthy balanced choices. Lets inspire each other to create and connect with our littles because we all need each other. You can cook with us! #Crumblycrew to be featured. Thanks for watching The Bejuled Life Cooking Show! XOXO